Añejo 38º

LA REVANCHA, product of Casa Tequilera Azteca

Añejo (Aged)

Tequila 100% Puro de Agave

38º Alc/Vol

Presentation 700 ml.


View, defined with shade amber of strong intensity, clean and bright, of medium body.

To smell are pleasant notes of agave mature, well cooked, sweet chocolate, caramel, citrus Tangerine, Orange aromas with a hint of vanilla and nuts, and presence of caramel, cinnamon and in perfect harmony.

The taste is reiterated the honesty of the agave, rescuing the presence of honey, caramel, chocolate semi bitter, vanilla and cinnamon. With soft finish, velvety, defined as harmonious, full-bodied and bouquet. A robust tequila, to also enjoy such as digestive or accompanied by a fine cut (Sirloin, Rib Eye, seafood) either to prepare from a delicious Acapulco (Tequila, juice of Orange, grapefruit and pineapple, ice and a touch of sugar syrup) until your preferred cocktail.

LA REVANCHA,  Reposado, will make your weekly soccer match or party, an unforgettable experience.

A tequila which offers the opportunity to those winners show know when to return; for them, La Revancha is meant.

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